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Affordable Solar Panel Installation

As the world moves towards greener energy, we can all take advantage of solar technology. We provide solar panel installations for homeowners across the UK.

An effective home solar PV system can be a great investment and provide affordable energy for years to come. 

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Our Process

One of our specialists will assess your home to see what solar system would be suitable. We take into account a number of factors including shading, roof pitch and location. We can estimate the efficiency of your panels, and what yearly savings you could make on your energy bills. All installations are completed with a long-term vision, we help you estimate when you will see a return on your investment.

Our team provide flexible finance packages and we can advise if you are eligible for government grants and incentives. Once you have chosen your desired package we will send our specialists to install your solar system. Most of our installations can be completed on the day, depending on the size of the installation. A properly installed solar system can last over 25 years, standing the test of time. 

Energy Point Promise

100% customer satisfaction

Energy Point Promise

100% customer satisfaction

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We can book you in for a free no-obligation solar assessment for your home. This is the first step toward your home solar system, and our experts are here to guide you along the process. 

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We understand solar panel installation can be overwhelming and complex. Our team of solar energy specialists are on hand to answer any questions. Just give us a quick call on 0800 327 7858 to speak with an adviser.

man on phone with laptop on sofa looking at energy point website
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How Much Can I Save By Installing Solar Panels?

Your savings will depend on the size of your installation, and your electric usage. The Energy Saving Trust estimates an average system can save up to £240 a year on your yearly electric bill.

Homes which generate large amounts of solar energy may be eligible for smart export tariffs. You can be paid for electricity you generate but don’t use from your panels – this energy is exported back to the national grid. If you’re accepted on the scheme you can be paid for each kWh of energy you export.

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Everyone loves to save – you can save up to £500 a year with a new energy-efficient boiler.

Spread the cost over 12 months with a 0% APR finance plan or buy now and pay nothing until 2023.

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