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Is your Energy Provider ripping you off?

Your Outdated Boiler Could Be Costing You A Small Fortune! It’s Time To Take Action!

Right now, you have the chance to save THOUSANDS!

Are You Ready To Give Your Current Boiler Plan The Boot?

Here’s What Energy Providers Won’t Discuss With You:

How old is your boiler? If it’s seen better years, think about how much you’re paying each year on insurance… Think about how much that totals over the boiler’s lifetime!


What if we told you that there was a way you could pay LESS on your boiler cover…


…get a brand new boiler on top…
…and STILL save money against your current plan?


Suddenly your existing boiler package looks like something out of a horror movie. Enough is enough. At Energy Point, we’re on a mission to put things right…


Energy Point is an independent, impartial consumer energy advice centre. We realised a long time ago that the leading industry players are not acting in the best interests of certain people…


…Namely YOU! Their customers! We knew there was a way we could set things straight – So we set ourselves a challenge…

To DRAMATICALLY reduce your boiler costs!

Do You Know How Much Your Boiler Cover Is Costing You…?

10 Million UK homeowners pay over £1 billion each year on boiler cover…


…But only a very small percentage of people ever claim!


Some people are paying over £50 a month to insure or cover an old boiler – equating to THOUSANDS over the boiler’s lifetime. Yet the average repair is as low as £200.


You don’t have to be a mathematician to realise something is wrong here. Don’t let your Energy Provider rip you off any longer! At Energy Point, we’ve run our own numbers: You could pick up a new boiler with us AND insure it each month for less than your current boiler cover bill…


…Making a new boiler package the equivalent of FREE. Think that sounds too good to be true? Think again! That’s all part of our Pay-As-You-Save Boiler Scheme!

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And That’s Not All Your Energy Provider Is Keeping From You:

Over 12 Million UK Homes have an EPC Rating of C…

…This means that they are not at maximum efficiency when it comes to heating their homes OR saving money!

Energy Providers are NEVER going to tell you how to bring down your energy costs and make your home more efficient: Because doing so would cost them BILLIONS.

Switching To Energy Point Can Help You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint And Save On Your Energy Bills Month On Month.

You heard correctly. It’s a strong statement – and it’s one we’re achieving. The effects of Global Warming are now more visible than ever. Global Warming is real – but it is not unsolvable. Take action today and see if you qualify for a new boiler which will create savings for you monthly.

We each must take responsibility for our carbon footprint and do our bit to save the environment. There are lots of steps we can take in our daily lives to reduce CO2 Emissions…

…An efficient boiler is a HUGE step in the right direction.


If every British household installed a high-efficiency boiler, 13 MILLION TONNES of CO2 would be prevented from reaching our atmosphere!


We’ve perfected what we do over the years so we can offer you not only the BEST products but also the best service! We work with the best individuals around to help you put money back into YOUR pocket…

…NOT the Energy Providers!


Is Your Gas Boiler Over 10 Years Old?

Are You Spending Over £50 On Gas Per Month?

Paying Too Much For Boiler Breakdown Cover?

You DESERVE to know exactly what your current energy plan is costing you! We offer a no-cost efficiency survey in your home. This allows us to create a personalised report of affordable solutions and tips to save you energy! It all starts with a call…

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On This FREE, No-Strings-Attached Call...



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If You Are Eligible, You Can Start Saving Money RIGHT NOW!

We can arrange at YOUR convenience for one of our approved experts to carry out a full inspection… FOR FREE! At Energy Point, we don’t hide anything from you! In fact, we WANT you to see how much we trust the people we work with!

Check Out The High Scores Of Our Leadng Specialists On Checkatrade!

10 star checkatrade review for energy point
10 star checkatrade review for energy point
10 star checkatrade review for energy point
checkatrade 10 star review for energy point

And importantly – You won’t find any technical jargon here! You deserve to know exactly what’s going on in your home! We’ll talk you through all the details in simple black and white terms, so you understand the potential savings – personalised for YOU!

Each FREE, No-Obligation Demonstration Includes:

We want to make a difference in what we do…Because the differences we make today, are what will change our planet for the better in the future! You deserve to pay a fair price to cover your boiler and heat your home! You have nothing to lose by booking your FREE call now!

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Our founders have been helping people save money for over 20 years…

...And Our Award-Winning Customer Care Speaks For Itself:

Andrea matthews boiler conversion replacement 5 star truspilot review
Simon lane 5 Star truspilot review
David and Debra Ward 5 star truspilot review
Debbie Morris 5 star trustpilot review for energy point
Stuart Gilleard 5 star review for trustpilot
Janet Seddon 5 star trustpilot review for energy point

Honestly? We are confident in our product and services we offer a fully comprehensive warranty of up to 12 years on parts, labour, and call out charges: So no need for any more breakdown cover!


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