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Is it Cheaper to Buy an Old Boiler?

Need a new boiler? You might be thinking to buy an old one, here's why you shouldn't...

Installing and putting in a new heating solution, such as a boiler can be costly, and you might be tempted to install an old boiler; that’s not a good idea and let me explain why.

Now, first of all, let me just say – No. We’re not writing this article because we want to scare you, so you get a brand new shiny boiler from our partners – we’re writing this article because it’s relevant to the fight against climate change, a better planet for us all. 

The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) estimate that there could be as many 4,000,000 non-condensing boilers left operational throughout the UK. Heating & Plumbing Monthly (HPM) labelled these types of boilers as ‘zombie boilers’, in their industry insight into the wide-spread issue. 

So, what is big issue with using an old boiler? There’s a few issues – the biggest, is that it’s just no good for the environment. These ancient non-condensing or ‘zombie’ boilers are from an era which had a big disregard for the environment and greenhouse gases – so, as a result, these boilers emit an un-holy amount of CO2, which does nothing against the fight for climate change and the de-carbonisation of the UK’s heating

The other issue of course, is that non-condensing boilers (when compared to newer condensing ones) are terrible at using energy and so therefore increases the amount of energy you need to use everyday when using hot water or heating your home. All in all? This drastically increases the amount of money you spend every year on energy. You could save up to around £500 a year when you switch to a new boiler – meaning you could make your money back in just a few years. 

Let’s not be forlorn though – the HHIC estimated in 2015 that 12,000,000 zombie boilers were still operational – this means we’re all heading in the right direction in making the switch to new boilers. Something you should note though, is that these old boilers die fast (now is where we try and scare you), which means that if you have a ‘zombie’ boiler sat in your home, you’re more than likely going to have to splash out on an emergency call-out to get the boiler looked at – all just for someone to tell you you’re going to need a new one!

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> Don’t let this be you: A Boiler Technician comes out to fix and inspect a failed boiler. Don’t leave it last minute to get a boiler replacement and never, under any circumstances, paint your walls yellow. 

What's being done about old boilers?

Not a whole lot in our opinions and the HHIC’s too! In October 2021, Boris Johnson announced that UK homeowners will be eligible for a £5,000 grant for heat pumps, which are net-zero carbon alternatives to gas or oil boilers, but is this really the best solution and or the fastest way to resolve the mass CO2 emissions being made from these non-condensing boilers? 

The last time the Government did anything really notable about boilers was back in April 2005 and 2007, when (in 2005) the UK government demanded and specified that all new gas boilers fitted in the country must be condensing boilers (yes, this means all of those ‘zombie boilers’ are from before 2005!) and that oil boilers be replaced too by 2005. This governmental decree was in efforts to lower greenhouse gases and defend ourselves against climate change. 

Everyone’s favourite research organisation, the Energy Savings Trust say that switching to an A-rated efficient boiler, from a G-rated system could save up 1,500kg of Carbon Dioxide reaching our atmosphere – that’s more than a new SUV in weight!

What can I do about old boilers?

There’s lots of things that you can do to combat the use of zombie/non-condensing/old boilers and that is to throw yours out, if you have one. The CO2 savings of throwing out an old boiler and replacing it with a more energy-efficient boiler are huge as we’ve already spoken about.

Not only should you save loads of money, you’ll also be helping the environment – which would make you a great person! Buying a new boiler isn’t that expensive either when you break it down – you can get a boiler with 0% APR or zero-deposit or buy now, pay later or all three in some cases – making it really easy for you. Prices are as low as £35 a month for a new energy efficient boiler – that’s the same price as a nice Pizza and a drink or two (if you live in the south). 

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Do Your Part for the Environment. Switch to a NEW Energy-Efficient Boiler.

Installing something like a brand-new boiler into your home, may be an emergency requirement if your existing one is on it’s way out, but there’s more than one reason to buy a new boiler. Help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint by investing in a new boiler for your home and family. Switching to a new energy-efficient boiler would help reduce the UK emitting 13,000,000 tonnes of CO2 each year.

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