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Time for insulation?

Foam insulation reaps lots of rewards for your home. Firstly it helps keep in heat, and reduces your heating bill. It also improves air quality and deters moisture. 

Installing foam insulation is quick and easy, and an Energy Point specialist can usually fit it within a day! 

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Why Insulate Your Home

Spray foam insulation is an affordable alternative to traditional building insulation. It is versatile and can be used to insulate your walls, roof and floor. Quality insulation is essential for reducing energy costs. Foam insulation creates an air seal and deters mould or damp developing. 

Foam insulation is quick and un-intrusive, we recommend you have it done by a qualified professional instead of attempting it yourself. By installing foam insulation you can save hundreds of pounds a year on your energy bill, and reduce your overall carbon footprint. Most people earn back the cost of their insulation within 10 years, so it’s a worthwhile investment in the long-term. 

Energy Point Promise

100% customer satisfaction

Energy Point Promise

100% customer satisfaction

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Are you looking for home insulation? Have a chat with one of our advisers to find out if foam insulation is suitable for you. We can provide a free no-obligation quote and get  installation booked at a convenient time.  

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What is spray foam

Foam insulation is liquid foam which is sprayed onto surfaces within your home. Once it has been sprayed it sets and forms a protective and insulating layer, which is air-tight. The foam is multi-purpose and can be sprayed on your roof, loft, walls or floor.

Spray foam has been used for decades and is a popular choice for many homeowners. The foam is affordable and a cheaper alternative to other methods. 

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