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Make The Most Out Of Your Panels!

We offer a selection of solar panel batteries, which let you capture your generated electricity and use it at a later date. Many users choose to store their energy in the daytime while they are at work, then use it at night.

A battery gives you more control over your solar energy usage, and prevents energy wastage. 

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Delivery & Installation

We can source and deliver high quality solar batteries from top manufacturers. One of our experts can advise on the best choice for your panels, and the storage capacity of each battery. The size of your battery will be dependant on how much energy is generated by your panels. We offer flexible finance options on our solar batteries, and all installations are carried out by qualified engineers. 

Highest Capacity battery system for solar panels

We offer a range of high capacity batteries, which store your energy with maximum efficiency. A larger capacity battery creates more opportunity for export tariffs, along with improved savings on your energy bills. We can help you estimate the potential savings you would make if you install a battery system. It can offer huge benefits over time. Our experts can advise which battery would be suitable for you, we would look at the efficiency of your panels and their current output – then decide upon a battery to match. 

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Energy Point Promise

100% customer satisfaction

Energy Point Promise

100% customer satisfaction

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We have extended warranties available for our battery installations, giving you piece of mind. A well-maintained battery can keep your home powered for years to come. 

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Are you thinking about getting a solar battery for your home? Our team of energy experts can arrange a free assessment of your home, along with an accurate quote for installation.   

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Getting the Best from
Your solar panels

By installing a battery you can store excess energy produced during sunny periods, and use it when you need it most. This is especially important in summer months, where your energy usage is likely less than the amount being generated by your panels.

Solar panel batteries allow homes to be less reliant on the national grid, reducing your carbon footprint and energy tariffs. Solar batteries can even power your home during a power cut when the grid is down in your area! 


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